Free Standing Drain Cleaner 16mm

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Drain Cleaner Machine

World’s first free standing drum machine on 18V battery with electronic foot pedal and integrated drum brake, decelerates the drum at high speed for greater control and safety.

Embrace the efficiency of our innovative section drum connection system, which empowers users to effortlessly switch between an array of cable sizes, ranging from 8mm, 10mm, 13mm inner core to 16mm open wind spirals. Additionally, for projects that require extended cable lengths, our system seamlessly accommodates the addition of a second drum, enabling cable reach of up to 30 meters. Say goodbye to complexity and welcome the ease of cable management with our tool-free solution.

Built-in backpack straps allow the drive units to be taken separately from their drum(s) for easy transport to any roof, drain, crawl space or cleaning.

They fully enclosed drums to eliminate free spinning parts, providing the user with more protection whilst working in and around fragile fixtures as well as better mess containment whilst unclogging drains.

Advantages of Using Free Standing Drain Cleaner Machines

  • Efficient Clog Removal
  • Versatility and Flexibility
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Flexible Battery System: Works with all own brand batteries

Experience the ultimate convenience with our integrated on-tool accessory attachment storage, offering users a hassle-free solution to keep all their drums and accessories in one place. Say goodbye to clutter and embrace a tidy and organized workspace with our innovative storage feature that ensures easy access to your tools whenever you need them. Simplify your work process and focus on what matters with our user-centric design.

Upgraded to drum machine with switchback automatic feed, sold separately.

Machine Specification:

Model No : M18 FFSDC16-502
Drain capacity (mm) : 32 – 75
Kit included : 2 x M18 B5 Battery packs, M12-18 FC Charger, No kitbox or bag supplied
No load speed : 250 rpm
Spiral diameter : 16 mm
Standard equipment : 1 x backpack assembly, 2 x drum assembly’s, 2 x 16 mm x 15 m cables, 1 x cutter set & removal tool
Battery type : Li-ion
Charger included : M12-18 FC
Charger supplied : 59 min
No. of batteries supplied : 2
Voltage (V) : 18
Weight with battery : 13.4 KG

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