Pipe Hole Saw Machine

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A Pipe Hole Saw Cutting Machine is a powerful and specialized cutting tool used to create holes in pipes and other cylindrical objects. It is equipped with a circular saw blade, often referred to as a hole saw, which is ideal for cutting large-diameter holes with precision and speed. The Pipe Hole Saw Cutting Machine is widely used in plumbing, construction, electrical installations, and various industrial applications.

Pipe Hole Saw Key Features

To fully comprehend the capabilities of the Pipe Hole Saw Cutting Machine, it’s essential to explore its key features:

1. High-Powered Motor

The machine boasts a robust motor, providing ample power to cut through tough materials effortlessly. This ensures a smooth cutting experience, even in challenging situations.

2. Adjustable Speed Settings

With adjustable speed settings, users can adapt the cutting speed based on the material and desired precision, allowing for greater control over the cutting process.

3. Replaceable Saw Blades

The tool comes with interchangeable saw blades of various sizes, enabling users to create holes of different diameters without needing multiple machines.

4. Sturdy Construction

Built with durable materials, the Pipe Hole Saw Cutting Machine can withstand demanding conditions, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

5. Safety Features

The machine incorporates safety mechanisms such as blade guards and overload protection to ensure the operator’s well-being during operation.

Machine Specification

Model No : AYUDH HS 152
Cutting Capacity : Upto 6″ (OD :152 mm)
Pipe Mounting Capacity : 11/4″-12″(OD : 42 mm – 323 mm)
Drill Chuck Capacity : 3-16 mm
Drill Chuck Speed : 110 RPM (No load)
Motor : 1500W, Universal
Net Weight : 20 Kgs
Packing Size : 550 x 300 x 350 (mm)
Standard Accessories : Handle, Carbon Brush
Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories : Hole saw cutter bit, Coolant oil

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