Ayudh Drain Cleaning Machine DC 200

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Ayudh Drain cleaning machines have revolutionized the plumbing industry by providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to handle drain blockages. They have enabled plumbing professionals to deliver faster and more reliable services to their customers.

With growing environmental concerns, many drain cleaning machines now offer eco-friendly options. These solutions allow users to clear clogs effectively without harming the environment.

Ayudh Drain cleaning machines have become indispensable tools for maintaining a healthy plumbing system. With their various types and eco-friendly options, these machines have transformed the way we handle drain clogs. Regular use of Ayudh drain cleaning machines not only prevents costly repairs but also ensures smooth and efficient water flow.

Machine Specification:

Product Code : AYUDH DC 200
Pipe Dia : 2”to 8” (50mm-200mm)
Power : Output (900W), Input (2 HP)
Voltage : 220V/50HZ
Speed : 460 RPM (No load)
Net Weight : 80 Kgs
Max. Working Length : 80 meters with 32mm dia. Cable
70 meters with 22mm dia. Cable(optional)
Standard Accessories : 32 mm spiral with Tool kit
Optional : 22mm Spiral with Tool Kit

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