Digital Testing Pump RP50

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Benefiting from advanced digital testing technology and the resilient DURAMANT coating, the RP 50 digital test pump delivers a lasting and secure resolution for conducting pressure tests of up to 30 bar.

Manual testing pump

Manual pressure testing pumps are mechanical devices designed to generate and control pressure within a closed system. They are employed to evaluate the integrity of pipelines, valves, pressure vessels, and other critical components by subjecting them to specific pressure conditions.

Despite the advent of automation, manual testing pump remain relevant due to their versatility and precision. They offer operators direct control over pressure levels and are often preferred for specific applications.

Applications Across Industries

Manual pressure testing pumps find applications across diverse industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, aerospace, and construction. They are crucial for verifying the safety and reliability of critical systems.

Benefits of Manual Testing Pump

The synergy of manual operation and digital enhancements offers several advantages, including increased precision, cost-effectiveness, and suitability for remote testing.

Machine Specification :

Model No : RP50
Test area : 0 – 30 bar
Power pump (min-max) : 45 ml/Hub
Battery system : Li-Ion / Li-Po Batterie
Net weight with unit of measure : 7,800 kg
Working area Temperature : 0 – 50 °C


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