Manual Testing Pump RP30

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Types of Water Pressure Testing Machines

The Water Pressure Testing Machine RP 30 distinguishes itself as an excellent solution for rapid pressure or leakage assessments in compact pipe networks and containers within hygienic and heating setups. Its compact structure proves optimal for utilization in confined areas. With its straightforward, lightweight, and convenient design, the RP 30 serves versatile utility in prevalent tasks across residential construction practices.

Hydrostatic Testing Machines

These machines use water as the test medium and are commonly employed for pipelines, tanks, and pressure vessels.

Burst Testing Machines

Primarily used in the aerospace and automotive industries, these machines subject products to extreme pressures until they fail.

Pneumatic Testing Machines

Using air as the testing medium, these machines are suitable for products sensitive to water, such as electronic components.

Machine Specification :

Model No : RP30
Test area : 0 – 30 bar
Power pump (min-max) : 0 – 16 ml/Hub
Speed : 1,570 U/min
Net weight 3,410 kg
Working area Temperature 1 – 60 °C

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