Manual Testing Pump PTM60

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Importance of Manual Testing Pump

The manual testing pump serves as a vital instrument in ensuring the integrity of hydraulic systems. By subjecting the system to controlled pressure, it allows us to observe its response and pinpoint any irregularities. This early detection of issues enables timely maintenance and prevents major breakdowns.

Applications of Manual Testing Pumps

Manual testing pumps find applications in a diverse range of industries and scenarios, including:

1. Manufacturing Quality Control

In manufacturing processes, manual testing pumps are used to assess the performance of hydraulic components, such as valves, cylinders, and hoses.

2. Construction Industry

Manual testing pumps play a crucial role in testing heavy machinery and construction equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.

3. Aerospace Sector

The aerospace industry relies on hydraulic systems for aircraft operation. Manual testing pumps are instrumental in verifying critical components’ performance.

4. Automotive Industry

In the automotive sector, manual testing pumps are utilized to validate the reliability of hydraulic systems, such as power steering and braking systems.

Machine Specification

Model No : AYUDH PTM 60
Testing range : 0-60bar(860psi, 6Mpa)
Tank capacity : 12L
Water Flow :  –
Volume/Stroke : ≈45ml
Power :  –
Connections : 1/2” BSPP
Valve material : Aluminium
Tank material Steel
Weight : 7 kg
Accessories Pressure hose, Pressure gauge, Seal set

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