Manual Testing Pump PT25

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Manual testing pump is a crucial tool used in hydraulic testing procedures. Its primary function is to generate controlled pressure levels, allowing engineers and technicians to evaluate the performance and integrity of hydraulic systems. With a manual testing pump, we can efficiently test a wide range of components, identify potential issues, and ensure the smooth operation of hydraulic systems.

Importance of Manual Testing Pump

In industries where hydraulic systems play a pivotal role, precision and reliability are paramount. Hydraulic systems are utilized in manufacturing, construction, aerospace, automotive, and more. Any malfunction or flaw in these systems can result in costly downtime, safety hazards, and reduced productivity.

Applications of Manual Testing Pumps

  • Construction Industry
  • Manufacturing Quality Control
  • Aerospace Sector
  • Automotive Industry

Machine Specification:

Model No : AYUDH PT25
Testing range : 0-25 bar
Tank capacity : 5L
Water Flow :  –
Volume/Stroke : ≈13ml
Power :  –
Connections : 1/2” BSPP
Valve material : Aluminium
Tank material Steel
Weight : 5 kg
Accessories Pressure hose, Pressure gauge, Seal set

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