Ayudh Wall Chaser WC 1450

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Wall Chaser Machine Work?

Wall chaser machines are equipped with diamond-tipped or carbide blades that are specifically designed to cut into hard surfaces effectively. The machine is held firmly against the wall, and as the blade spins rapidly, it carves out the desired groove. Most wall chaser machines offer adjustable cutting depths and widths, allowing for versatile applications.

Advantages of Using a Wall Chaser Machine

Wall chaser machines offer numerous benefits that make them indispensable in the construction industry. Some advantages include:

  • Time Efficiency: Wall chaser machines significantly reduce the time required to create channels compared to manual methods.
  • Precision: The cutting depth and width adjustments ensure precise and consistent grooves, enhancing the overall quality of the installation.
  • Dust Extraction: Many modern wall chaser machines come with integrated dust extraction systems, keeping the workspace clean and reducing airborne particles.
  • Labor Savings: With a wall chaser machine, one operator can easily accomplish tasks that would require several laborers manually.

Machine Specification :

Product Code :  AYUDH WC 1450
Motor : Universal 1450W, 230-240V/50Hz
Speed : 1800 RPM(no load)
Grooving width : A(15-25mm) B(25-40MM)
Max Grooving Depth : A(25mm) B(35MM)
Diamond Disk Size :  –
Package size : 450×420×320(mm)/2pcs
Standard Accessories : A Blade & B  Blade
Tool case with tools
Weight : 13 KG

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