Pipe Grooving Ayudh GM5020

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While pipe grooving machines are generally safe, it is essential to follow safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries:

  • Always wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves and eye protection.
  • Keep hands and clothing away from moving parts during operation.
  • Regularly inspect the machine for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Disconnect the machine from power when performing maintenance or adjustments.

Types of Pipe Grooving Machines

  • Roll Grooving Machines
  • Press Grooving Machines
  • Cut Grooving Machines

Machine Specification:

Product Code AYUDH GM 5020
Pipe Capacity : 2″-8″(50 mm to 200 mm)
Power : 550W Induction, 220 V  50/60 HZ
Spindle Speed : 24 RPM
Weight : 66 Kg
Package Size : 700 x 405 x 700 (mm)
Working Capacity : 2″-8″  Sch 10 Steel, Stainless steel
Standard Accessories : Upper rollers,  shaft  and lower rollers start from 2-8″
Pipe Support Stand, Tools.
Instruction Manual

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