Manual Pipe Bender Machine

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A manual pipe bender is a hand-operated tool designed to bend pipes and tubes to a desired angle or shape. It offers a practical and cost-effective solution for bending pipes without the need for power or hydraulic assistance. With a sturdy frame, bending arm, and interchangeable bending dies, manual pipe benders provide versatility and ease of use.

Types of Manual Pipe Benders

Handheld Manual Pipe Benders:

These compact benders are suitable for bending small-diameter pipes and are ideal for on-site or tight-space applications.

Lever-Type Manual Pipe Benders:

Lever benders utilize a long handle that provides extra leverage for bending thicker-walled pipes. They offer increased bending capacity and are commonly used in workshops and fabrication shops.

Hinged Frame Manual Pipe Benders:

Hinged frame benders feature a pivot point that allows for easy positioning and bending of pipes. They provide precise control and are suitable for bending larger pipes.

Machine Specification

Model No : Ayudh BM 1025
Bending Range : Ø10-25mm
Bending Dies : 3/8”,1/2”,9/16”, 5/8”,3/4”7/8”1”
Net Weight : 25 Kg
Packing Size : 660 x 460 x 180(mm)

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